Shop & Print Service Integrations

Printalytics works with several shop platforms & print services to provide centralized order monitoring, insightful analytics & detailed reports.

Shop Integrations

  • Shopify
  • Etsy
  • WooCommerce

Print Services

  • Printful
  • Printify
  • Print Aura
  • Scalable Press

Sales Reports & Order Monitoring

Printalytics makes it easier to track your open orders, sales performance and fulfillment times - especially if you have multiple shops or use multiple print services!


Track Open Orders

Monitor your Print on Demand orders in one place and spot potential issues before they become a problem. Printalytics provides a simple list of your orders from all connected sources, and can easily be sorted by order age or status.

  • Identify & handle delayed orders faster
  • Inform your customers before they ask "where's my order?"
  • Enjoy better feedback, better reviews & more repeat business

Sales Reports

It is vitally important to know what you are earning from your Print on Demand orders. Now you can see exactly how much you are making and how much you are spending, both on average and on a per-order basis!

  • Get a detailed breakdown of sales & costs
  • Identify your most & least profitable orders
  • Optimize your pricing for better sales & profits

Fulfillment Performance

Fulfillment times can make or break your customer experience. Printalytics removes all doubt about your fulfillment performance by providing a detailed breakdown of your production and fulfillment times.

  • See your fulfillment performance over time
  • Keep customers happy with accurate expectations
  • Quickly identify & adjust to changes in production times

Centralized Monitoring

Working with multiple platforms can give you an edge, but it's a pain keeping up with all those accounts. Printalytics provides a centralized place to monitor your orders & business performance!

  • No more handmade spreadsheets
  • No more refreshing multiple dashboards
  • Spend more time marketing & creating new products

Monitor All Your Shops & Print Services in One Place

Get started with Printalytics today!


1. Connect Your Shop

First, connect your shops to Printalytics. You can connect as many as you want.


2. Connect Print Services

Next, connect your Print-on-Demand providers to Printalytics.


3. Gain New Insights

Printalytics combines your order & fulfillment data into detailed reports!


Volume Based Pricing

Simple pricing based on order volume. No hidden fees.
Applies only to POD orders.

Volume Based Price
$ Free /m
15 Day Free Trial
Free 15 Day Trial
No Card Required
Easy to Set Up
Unlimited Integrations

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