Introducing Printalytics

The new order monitoring & analytics app for Print on Demand shops!

Introducing Printalytics

Welcome to Printalytics, the first multi-platform order monitoring & analytics service made specifically for Print on Demand powered ecommerce stores!

My name is Micah and I'm from Austin, Texas.  In 2016 I started a Print on Demand based side business selling posters & t-shirts on Ebay, and by 2017 it was successful enough to become my full time job.  To grow the business I began expanding to more marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy, adding more products, and working with more print services.  And the more it grew, the harder it became to manage.

To help deal with the increasing complexity of my new business, I made a tool to monitor all my orders on a single dashboard.  That made life much easier, especially after I began adding onto it with things like fulfillment tracking & sales reports.

It didn't take long to realize that other shop owners could also benefit from these tools.  So I began re-building them as a fully developed software service.  It took some time and I had to learn a lot along the way, but Printalytics is finally here!

I was excited by the potential of Print on Demand dropshipping when I first discovered it in 2016, and I'm just as excited about it now.  What was once an opaque industrial process is now widely available to individuals around the world at an incredibly low startup cost.  The result has been an explosion of wonderful new boutique online stores, powered by white label printing services that have made all manners of printed products easily accessible to anybody with a unique design concept.

That's why I'm thrilled to contibute something new to this industry, something that will help other merchants like myself make the most of this new business model.  My hope for Printalytics is that it will enable online sellers around the world to better understand and optimize their own businesses.  To not only enable them to spend more of their time focused on more important work like marketing & creating new products, but also spend more time enjoying the fruits of their success.

Posted 2 years ago by Micah