Printalytics now supports Shopify!

Our Shopify Integration Is Live!

Printalytics now supports Shopify!

We're thrilled to announce that our Shopify integration is now live!  Go to our Shopify App Listing to start using Printalytics with your Shopify store.

Shopify is one of the world's leading e-commerce platforms.  They have perfected the "shop as a service" business model, creating a robust on-demand shopping cart & catalog system that makes it easy for non-technical users to build out full service webstores in a short amount of time.  Founded in 2006, Shopify now powers hundreds of thousands of online stores.

Among those thousands of stores are many Print on Demand based shops, which makes this one of our most important integrations so far.  Shopify is one of the most widely supported e-commerce platforms in the Print on Demand industry, and pluging Printalytics into it creates great opportunity not only for us, but for countless Shopify store owners!

Another thing that makes this such an important accomplishment for us is passing the challenge of Shopify's app approval process.  Most e-commerce platforms have approval processes to ensure that apps meet certain security and performance standards, and we've been through several of those processes with Printalytics so far.  But Shopify's process was by far the more robust and involved, requiring multiple weeks of testing and adjustment before getting final approval.  It's safe to say that Printalytics has proved it's mettle!

Check out our documentation for instructions on Connecting your Shopify store to Printalytics.  If you're new to Printalytics, check out our Features List to learn more or Sign Up to start your free trial today!

Posted 2 years ago by Micah