Printalytics now supports WooCommerce!

Our WooCommerce Integration Is Live!

Printalytics now supports WooCommerce!

We're pleased to announce that Printalytics now supports WooCommerce!

WooCommerce is an ecommerce platform that works with Wordpress, the worlds most ubiquitous self hosted website platform.  Started in 2008, WooCommerce was acquired by Wordpress parent company Automattic in 2015.  Today, WooCommerce powers millions of online shops around the world.

One of our primary goals at Printalytics is to support as many shop platforms & marketplaces at possible.  Naturally, we wanted to start with the most popular shop platforms and certainly WooCommerce is a top contender in the space.  By support WooCommerce, we are making our Print on Demand order monitoring features available to a countless number of POD based shops!

Check out our documentation for instructions on Connecting your WooCommerce shop to Printalytics.  If you're new to Printalytics, check out our Features List to learn more or Sign Up to start your free trial today!

Posted 2 years ago by Micah