Printify Scores $45 Million in Funding

New Funding Makes Printify a Top Contender

This weekend, Printify announced that they have secured $45 million in their most recent investment round.  Founded in 2015, Printify is one of the most prolific print-on-demand providers on the ecommerce scene today.

While many POD suppliers operate their own printing & fulfillment facilities, Printify has taken a different approach by developing systems that connect online merchants to a wide range of independant printing providers around the globe.  This focus on technological expansion has allowed Printify to build out a huge catalog of customizable products, plug into a wide range of ecommerce platforms and largely close the gap between them and their closest competitors.

Printify's impressive gains over the years has caught the attention of investors.  This latest funding round yielded investments from several high profile & celebrity firms, such as Richard Branson's Virgin Group and Will Smith's Dreamers VC.  With a whopping $45 million in the bank, Printify has great potential to become a front runner in the print on demand industry.

Congratulations, Printify!  We look forward to seeing what new features and products your team unveils in the future.

See the official announcement on Printify's blog:

Posted 2 years ago by Micah