Updating Your Printalytics Account

This section covers how to manage your Printalytics account settings & information.

Account Settings Overview

Printalytics does not require extensive information about you or your business to perform it's services. Other than the information needed to connect your shops and print services, and minimal billing information for your subscription, Printalytics only requires your Name and Email Address. We may add new account information requirments from time to time to support new features or stay compliant with regulations. You will be notified if any new information is needed in the future.

There is also a Timezone setting for your account. Printalytics reporting dates & times are displayed according to your account's timezone. The timezone option is set automatically based on your browser settings when you create your account, but you can update it at any time.

Updating Your Account

To update your account settings, go to the menu and select the Settings tab, then click on Account Settings. This will take to you to the Account Settings page where you can update your Name, Email Address and Timezone settings. After making your desired changes, click the Save Account Settings button to save your settings.

Printalytics Account Settings

Changing Your Password

To change your account password, go to the menu and select the Settings tab, then click on Change Password. This will take to you to the Change Password page. After entering your current password and new password information, click the Update Password button to save your new password.

Updating Your Password