What is Printalytics?

Printalytics In a Nutshell

Printalytics is an order monitoring & analytics tool for e-commerce shops that use print-on-demand services. If you have a shop on Etsy, Shopify or WooCommerce and use services like Printful, Printify or Scalable Press to fill your orders, then Printalytics is for you!

What does Printalytics actually do?

Printalytics provides tools and reporting that makes it easier to keep track of your orders, analyze your sales performance and grow your print-on-demand powered business.

Printalytics dashboard view

Print-on-demand services are great because they simplify production and fulfillment for your business, but they have their own limits and complications. Having a clear picture of your fulfillment performance and profitibility often requires monitoring different accounts and dashboards, and pulling reports from several sources. This can be very time consuming, especially if you operate multiple shops or use more than one print service.

Printalytics simplifies things by providing a single place to track and analyze your print-on-demand orders. It only takes a moment connect your shops and print services to Printalytics, and start gaining new insights into your business!

All your shops & print services in one place

How can I use Printalytics?

To use Printalytics, you will need to set up an account and connect your shops & print services to Printalytics. The next pages of documentation will explain in greater detail how Printalytics works and how you can get started!