Connecting Your Printful Account to Printalytics

Follow these simple steps to connect your Printful account to Printalytics.

Step 1: Locate Your Printful API Key

{secondary.fa-file-alt} Note: Each Printful store has it's own API key. If you are connecting multiple Printful stores, they will need to be added to Printalytics individually.

In your Printful account, go to the menu and select the Settings tab, then select API. From here, select which Printful store you want to connect to Printalytics. Then click COPY to copy your Printful API key to the clipboard.

Locate your API Key

Step 2: Add a new Printful account to Printalytics

In Printalytics, go to the menu and select the Integrations tab, then select Print Services. Once the Manage Your Print Services page has loaded, click the Add Print Service button and then select Printful.

Add a new print service to Printalytics

Step 3: Enter your API Key

Now paste your Printful store's API key into the textbox labeled Your Printful API Key. Lastly, click Add Printful Service to finish adding your account to Printalytics.

Enter your API key

Step 4: Setup Complete

Once you have provided Printalytics with the API key, the rest of the process is automated. Printalytics will begin importing your order data and will be able to provide reporting for your Printful orders after the initial import is finished.