Using the Open Orders Report

This section explains how to use the Open Orders Report to monitor your unshipped orders.

Printalytics Open Orders Report

Open Orders Report Overview

Good reviews and repeat customers are vital to the success of any e-commerce business. For print-on-demand fulfilled shops, that means it is important to keep a close eye on your open orders to ensure that you spot any production delays before they become a problem.

It can be easy to lose track of overdue orders, especially when you're managing orders across multiple shops and platforms. The Printalytcs Open Orders Report allows you to track all of your print-on-demand orders in one place.

Selecting Integrations

At the top of the Open Orders Report page, there are 2 drop down boxes that let you select which Shops and Print Services you want to see reporting for. If you have multiple shops or print services connected to Printalytics, you can select them individually or choose to display orders from all integrations.

Generate Reports by individual Integrations or all Integrations

Open Orders Status Boxes

At the top of the Open Orders Report page just under the integrations selector, there are 4 boxes showing counts of your open orders in different stages of fulfillment. The boxes correspond with the following statuses.

Open Orders Status Boxes

  • Total Open Orders - This box shows the total number of open orders, across all statuses.
  • Orders In Production - This box shows the number of open orders that have been paid for and are currently in production.
  • Orders Pending - This box shows the number of open orders that have not yet entered production. These orders are usually waiting for payment or final approval.
  • Orders On Hold - This box shows the number of open orders that have been put on hold by your printing provider. These orders may be on hold due to design errors, shipping address errors, or lack of available inventory.

Open Orders Details

The Open Orders Details provides a table view of your open orders. The table includes your Shop and Print Service order ID's, the order's generalized status, the order date, and the order's age in days.

Open Orders Details

{secondary.fa-file-alt} NOTE: Your order's age is based on when your customer originally placed the order on your shop, and includes the time taken to submit the order to your Print Service.

Filtering By Status

You can filter the Open Orders Report by status by clicking on the Open Orders Status Boxes. Selecting Orders In Production, Orders Pending or Orders On Hold will reload the page with the Open Orders Details showing only orders with the selected status. Select Total Open Orders to dispaly all open orders.

Open Orders Filtered by Status