Connecting Your WooCommerce Shop to Printalytics

Follow these simple steps to connect your WooCommerce shop to Printalytics.

Step 1: Add your shop to Printalytics

Start by going to the left hand menu and selecting the Integrations tab, then select Your Shops. Once the Manage Your Shops page has loaded, click the Add Shop button and then select WooCommerce to begin adding your WooCommerce shop to Printalytics.

Add a new shop to Printalytics

Step 2: Enter your Shop URL

Enter the URL of your WooCommerce shop. This should be the full base URL for your WooCommerce shop including the http:// portion. Optionally, you can also add a custom nickname for the shop. After you've entered your URL, click Add New WooCommerce Shop to move to the next step.

Enter your shop info

Step 3: Authorize the Printalytics App

After adding your WooCommerce shop to Printalytics, you will be redirected to your WooCommerce admin to give Printalytics permission to access your shop. Click the Approve button to finish adding your WooCommerce shop to Printalytics.

Authorize the Printalytics App

Step 4: Setup Complete

Once you have authorized Printalytics to access your WooCommerce account, the rest of the process is automated. Printalytics will begin importing your order data and will be able to provide reporting for your WooCommerce shop after the initial import is finished.